It’s been 10 years since the last album & it doesn’t disappoint!

“Spanning 5 years, 80% of the works here are one-shot stereo recordings of hardware jams, usually to tape”

From the opening notes it’s clear these tones have the weight of 80s neon sci-fi nostalgia few others can convey.

Track 2: Nowhere is a beautiful drift-scape of reverberating acid bass squelch with a lounge club 808 vibe – and it’s tasteful AF!

From there we move into more urgent territory with the impending energy of a dissonant chord progression intro on Monorail Test Circuit. Sure enough in comes a footwork-esque beat & double time acid bass squelch bringing the funk. Don’t worry, the deep reverb kicks in eventually and we’re drifting through neon grids again soon enough – in fact we’re smeared into ambient reflections by the end of the track, ready to be snapped out of our trance by the “Liquid Softness” vocal sample and Kraftwerkian laser percussion of Look At The Sky, Look At That Gradient – LOL!

Next there’s Trouble At ‘Satanic Mill which rolls in with a more dub acid shuffle. From there on it’s a more ambient/abstract affair drifting and glitching us through the second half of the album with interjections from collaborations (including Guitar), more funk, lounge & excessive reverb drifting us in and out of consciousness.

A playful yet adequatley deep album for the ages.

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