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Design / Nick Meikle
monolake (Robert Henke - Berlin) produces incredible sound and the software used to create it. After playing AK & WLG we managed to show Robert our wonderful coasts, suffice to say he gave NZ the big thumbs up!

Shockwave 3D Animation Installation: Nic Wilson a.k.a. VJ Coagulator

monolake - momentum
Available on CD
from Beautiful Music, 59 Pitt St

1 Cern
2 Linear
3 Atomium
4 White_II
5 Tetris
6 Excentric
7 Reminiscence
8 Stratosphere
9 Credit
[mp3 45 sec]
[mp3 45 sec]
[mp3 45 sec]
[mp3 45 sec]
[mp3 45 sec]
[mp3 45 sec]
[mp3 45 sec]
[mp3 45 sec]
[mp3 45 sec]
12" vinyl releases
from momentum

Coming in december:


m o n o l a k e - LIVE @ Wyndham Bowling Club
Monday 22nd December 2003, Doors open 9pm
Tickets $15 from Beautiful Music (also Wellington, Tues 23rd Dec, Indigo Bar Tickets from Real Groovy & Planet Jack)

Berlin-based Monolake (Robert Henke) has been working on sound and music projects since 1995. Henke in conjunction with a collection of friends (Porter Ricks, Substance, etc.), helped organize the Basic Channel and Chain Reaction labels in Berlin. While each individual in this small group has a unique approach to his work, there is nevertheless a common thread tying the label-mates together, one that's less concerned with creating dance music and more to do with working with sound and experience. Indeed, Henke has stated that he's not a musician at all. Stripping music down to its basic elements (and sometimes beyond), Monolake and a handful of other artists are responsible for a new genre called, for better or worse, minimal. Of this vein music critic Simon Reynolds notes, »It's no use for neophytes; this is the shit you get into after you've been through all the other stuff, after it's sensitized your hearing to the point where the micro-tweaks and infra-nuances are exhilarating.«

Live Support - Jet Jaguar, Misled Convoy, Antix, kndnsr
DJs - clone, melody vs um, needletalk + guests
VJ Coagulator

monolake live video
[takes a while to load, be patient,
it's really nice]


ableton 'live' presentation
by Robert Henke (monolake)
Mon 22nd Dec, 6.30pm WBC, Auckland
Tue 23rd Dec, 5pm, Indigo Bar, Wellington

monolake - redefining 'live'
Who better to demonstrate 'live' than monolake himself. This is a free invitation to see one of the designers demonstrate the features and concepts of this innovative software.

Register to guarantee your place.Auckland Wellington

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