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On 17, May 2016 | In | By version

  • Users can list, locate, follow activity etc…
  • Fresh brew locator via Google Maps JS API
  • Native PHP – no framework
Sculpture On The GulfSculpture On The Gulf

On 18, May 2012 | In | By version

Sculpture On The Gulf

  • WordPress customisation
  • Facebook events feed customisation
  • Complex forms
Basefm Shows Schedule UpgradeBasefm Shows Schedule Upgrade

On 02, Mar 2017 | In | By version

Basefm Shows Schedule Upgrade

  • Upgraded/customised radio show schedule plugin.
  • Responsive mobile format and general design tidy up.
Documentary ChannelDocumentary ChannelDocumentary Channel

On 12, Nov 2010 | In | By version

Documentary Channel

Complete redesign and Content Management System upgrade.

A clean and simple design refresh.
Full screen background slideshow to promote programmes.
Programme info and link for each slide.

Fully Automated & Streamlined import of monthly Sky TV schedule.
Client previously spent hours each month fixing problems with the schedule. Version solved the import issues and added many features to improve the process.

Content Management
Provide the ability to easily manage Competitions, Videos and programme information.

Live demonstration examples:
View Sky TV schedule
View Programme Directory

In the year preceding the sale to BBC, Version were asked to provide a completely new and improved website system. NZ SkyTV channel 74 has now been replaced by BBC Knowledge but you can still view the live site here – frozen in time.


On 22, Mar 2011 | In | By version


To create an easily editable, interactive map for displaying and facilitating sales.